Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Amway Ambots Can’t Grasp Easy Business Equations

With tax deadline creeping up on us I thought I’d share some basic wisdom that real business owners understand but would be beyond the grasp of a brainwashed Amway Ambot.

It’s a simple equation:


Get it people?

Say you’re a real business owner and your expenses for a month might run the gamut of various things, some are constant others occasional. Let’s say you only use your accountant at tax time. That would be an expense that hits one month but not always the other 11 months. Or the expense could vary, say you only have the accountant do occasional work throughout the year, but the granddaddy of it all happens once a year. Other occasional expenses might be renewing a business license or insurance or buying office supplies. Depending on your business regular monthly expenses might include things like payroll if you have employees, rent or mortgage on the place you conduct business, stock to be purchased, telephone, Internet, bank fees, car maintenance, meals, electric, and advertising.

Your income might vary too, depends on the product or service being sold, and if some months are slower than others.

Let’s work in round numbers so it’s easy for me.

Let’s say the real business owner’s income for a month is $15,000.

The expenses for that month are $11,000.

$15,000 (income) minus $11,000 (expenses) = $4,000 (profit).

Easy enough except in the real world we’d be dealing with random dollars and cents because nothing ever rounds up nicely.

Now let’s take a pretend business owner like an Amway Ambot.

$10 (income aka rebate on buying at least 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products) minus $700 (expenses like buying at least $300 in Amway products, investing in the Amway tool scam – spending money on tickets and costs to get to Amway cult meetings) = $690 (profit).

Oops fuck! Forgot to put a minus in there. Make that -$690 loss.

Yup that’s right. LOSS!

As in a profit and loss statement where real business owners log and track.

$690 in the red!


Let’s say the real business owner has some ups and downs in the year but his or her net annual profit is $50,000, so that’s sticking pretty close to the $4,000 monthly profit times 12 months.

Yup that’s profit. Well you know sort of. Uncle Sam wants his share and the business owner has the kinds of bills that most working people have.

Let’s get back to brainwashed Amway Ambot running a pretend business.

-$690 x 12 months = -$8,280 in annual losses.

And that’s being generous. Many Amway Ambots lose more money than that in a year.

When a real business owner looks at their profit and loss statement and sees they’re in the red every month they know that’s not a sustainable business. The choices are to make changes to their business plan or cut their losses and close shop.

An Amway Ambot is not allowed to keep a profit and loss statement. That’s forbidden by the Amway cult leaders because if the Ambot kept a P&L they’d see how much money they’re losing. A good Amway cult leader must keep the Ambot distracted to realize they’re being sucked dry tithing the Great Amway God.

Business owners know they must keep a P&L and monitor their income and expenses. It’s called keeping your books in order cause you’ll need this info at tax time and in case of an audit.
Let’s say it again:


It’s a simple mathematical equation.

Though depending on the volume of income and expenses it might not be “simple” for the person keeping track of it!


The above simple mathematical equation is dangerous to Amway cult leaders and must never be divulged to the Ambots.

Monday, March 19, 2018

A Lifetime Of When In Amway The Facts Don’t Count

Here’s Ambot Betsy Bitch doing the usual Amway lie, deny, distract and defend routine. You got to read this cause I’m not going more into it than the facts don’t matter even when they’re staring you right in the face on a graph! LOL!

With everyone Trump is firing why doesn’t he aim the “you’re fired” at Ambot Betsy Bitch?

Probably due to one of the reasons mentioned in the article, the reason she got the job – wealthy donor.

We’ll see what happens this week when the bitch defends her budget. The life of an Amway Ambot: lie, deny, distract and defend.

And then usually disappear.

Disappear Bitch!

Anyway we’re not all about profiling here just bringing this up as a matter of course that when in Amway the facts don’t matter.

Everyone who’s not a brainwashed Amway Ambot knows the numbers thrown at you about how much money you’ll make in Scamway don’t add up.

Our sack of shit Platinum says Amway uses 1000 outside vendors to partner with that you can buy their stuff and get PV. And most of them are Fortune 500 companies.

500? 1000? How can most of 1000 of anything equal 500? If he’d said about half of those 1000 companies are on the Fortune 500 list that might have made slightly better mathematical sense. I don’t know how many companies Amway partners with are actually in the Fortune 500 list, which does alter who stays and who goes from time to time!

I’m more interested in the S&P 500 but then I have a different point of view than an Amway Ambot on what “investing” means. One of us likes to invest in the stock market and the other likes to “invest” in stockpiling shitty overpriced Amway products – some or none might be bought from Fortune 500 companies. LOL!

Another thing about the other companies that an Ambot can click on an affiliate link from Amway’s website to purchase has very low PV. The fucking assholes in the Amway upline order the Ambots what things they should be buying for best bang for the PV buck. The list usually includes Nutrilite vitamins and Amway drinks and food bars. Not the 1000 companies on the Fortune 500 list.

The biggest Amway bullshit when the facts don’t count has to do with compensation. You know how you start off by eating one shitty Amway food bar and one Amway piss water daily and then you sign up 2 people who can duplicate you and do that too. And they sign up 2 people and they sign up 2 people and so on and so on. And in 6 months you’ll be making tens of thousands of dollars. And can you imagine how much money you’d make if you signed up 6 people and they signed up 6 people and on and on and all of you eat shit food bars and drink piss water. In 2 to 5 years you’ll all have bazillions of dollars rolling in from Amway every month for the rest of your lives while you sit back and do nothing except walk the beaches of the world.

Look at the small print on Amway’s brochures where they show compensation and you’ll notice that only a tiny fraction of 1% of all participants make money in Amway. Flip it around. That means over 99% of IBOs will not make money.

Ever try to point that out to an Amway Ambot? That the odds are greatly stacked against them to get rich in Amway? Then they blabber off some bullshit that Amway has to put something down on the paper so someone just pulled those numbers out of their ass. So what you’re saying is Amway is lying on the brochures? That’s fraud! Report them. Then watch the Ambot back pedal out of that one.

Here’s the thing. If anyone is trying to scam you they’re probably over inflating the numbers. Amway head office would have put a much high percentage there except they know that’ll be fraud and get them into more legal hot water.

When you go to an Amway cult meeting the cult leaders are all bragging about how much money they make and how you can make all that money too.

And if you dare to say to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline that the numbers just don’t seem to add up and ask for a better explanation on the compensation on “the business” plan the Amway cult leader will screech at you to “never question upline!!!!!”

One of the biggest when the facts don’t count bullshit: How would you like to make an extra $2000 (or any higher number) a month working part time 10 to 15 hours a week?

When you're in Amway the facts don’t matter.

And apparently if you’re an Amway Ambot you bring that slogan to the rest of your daily life.

Words to live by when you’re an Amway Ambot.

What color is the grass you're standing on? Orange says the Ambot.

Even when the facts are staring you straight in the face the Ambot must lie, deny, distract and defend.

The facts don’t count.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Learn How To Trade Hours For Pennies In The Amway Scam

“What are you doing working a J.O.B.? You’re trading hours for dollars!”

I’ve heard that phrase sneered at the audience countless times from the speakers at Amway meetings. Platinum or Diamond they all put down anyone who works for someone else.

Trading hours for dollars = holding down a job. The Amway cult leaders say job is a 4 letter word - the bastards can’t even count! 3 letters boys. Count ’em again. 3!

In one way or another we all trade hours for dollars.

Except in Amway where we trade hours for pennies and still end up in the hole.

Ambot spent approximately 100 hours a month in Amway related shit. This would include 3 or 4 board plans in living rooms each week, countless hours studying Amway literature and products on their website, 2 or 3 Amway events a month where a Diamond came to town, a day long rally once a month, not to mention all the time spent trying to recruit new IBO’s or finding suckers to buy the overpriced shitty Amway products. What about countless phone calls and text messages each day from the fucking assholes in the Amway upline where he was expected to drop whatever he was doing to give them his undivided attention for an hour or more?

What about my hours? And here I probably put in the required 10 to 15 hours a week. So combined we put in between 140 to 160 hours a month. Wasted time that we'll never get back.

OK to make the calculations easy lets knock off my time and focus on Ambot's time and call it 100 hours a month. In return if we did 100PV that would be a check from Amway for the month of about $10. So Ambot is earning .10 cents an hour.

Ambot is trading hours for pennies. Like everyone else stuck in the Amway scam who can meet that minimum 100PV purchase each month to qualify for a measly commission check.

Lets not even get into the cost of tools, attending functions, and their related costs (travel, hotel, food) because he’s now in the hole hundreds of dollars each month.

So how about that $10/hour cashier job compared to an Amway income? The cashier earns the same amount in 1 hour working a job as Ambot does after trading 100 hours on useless Amway bullshit.

If the cult leaders were telling the truth they’d call it trading dollars for pennies but that doesn’t sound so good when they’re insulting prospective recruits into the Amway cult.

Any business owner trades hours for dollars but hopefully most business owners have a legitimate business earning them real money and they’re not settling for a paltry Amway income that isn’t even a wage one could live on in a 3rd world country. That’s something to think about. A worker in a 3rd world country is trading hours for dollars and still making more than most North American Amway IBO’s.

If I had to make a choice about going back to work or going back to Amway, I’d rather trade hours for dollars working for a legitimate employer than working more hours being a Scamway IBO and scamming others to lose their money chasing hopeless dreams.