Thursday, May 24, 2018

Only Ambots Love Amway Love Bombers

I remember getting love bombed by the evil members of the Amway cult when Ambot was still a devoted worshipper of the great Amway gods. If you’ve ever been in a cult you know how it goes. People who barely know you want to hug you everytime they see you. They gush about how much they love what you’re wearing, the car you’re driving, the book you’re reading, etc. If you’ve done something awe inspiring like park your car between the lines in the parking lot they rave about what a wonderful driver you are. You know all the over the top praise for pretty normal things that could only come from cult members. Pretty fucking creepy. Pretty fucking creepy sums up Amway and ambots.

What is love bombing? Here is a partial description from Wikipedia:

Critics of cults often cite love bombing as one of the features that may identify an organization as a cult. When used by critics, the phrase is defined to mean affection that is feigned or with an ulterior motive and that is used to reduce the subject's resistance to recruitment.

The term was popularized by psychology professor Margaret Singer, who has become closely identified with the love-bombing-as-brainwashing point of view. In her 1996 book, Cults in Our Midst, she described the technique:

As soon as any interest is shown by the recruits, they may be love bombed by the recruiter or other cult members. This process of feigning friendship and interest in the recruit was originally associated with one of the early youth cults, but soon it was taken up by a number of groups as part of their program for luring people in. Love bombing is a coordinated effort, usually under the direction of leadership, that involves long-term members' flooding recruits and newer members with flattery, verbal seduction, affectionate but usually nonsexual touching, and lots of attention to their every remark.

Love bombing - or the offer of instant companionship - is a deceptive ploy accounting for many successful recruitment drives.

This description is very accurate of the love bombing that goes on at Amway cult meetings.

These Amway phony ass “business owners” are brainwashed so they don’t realize they’re in a cult. How about a social club instead? A very expensive club because all Amway meetings are social gatherings and brainwashing sessions and it costs hundreds of dollars each month to be a member.

Back when I worked I attended real business meetings as opposed to the phony ass Amway pretend business meetings, whether it was in my workplace or travelling to another person’s workplace. I have never greeted anyone or been greeted by a business professional with a hug and flattering comments. A handshake yes. Maybe a compliment if I like their outfit or a painting on the wall.

When I showed up at the workplace I never once walked around the office greeting coworkers with hugs. Probably not a handshake either unless I was meeting someone for the first time. The only time I’ve seen or participated in coworker hugs has been at the office Christmas party or on someone’s last day of work with the company.

Its called being professional inside the workplace. A concept that Amway ambots don’t understand.

Real business people operating legitimate businesses don’t go overboard. Professional niceties is one thing.

Love bombing is something else. Something creepy that is. And it makes people go what the fuck is going on here. These people are unnaturally delirious about meeting everyone.

Seeing as how Amway IBO’s are fake business people the rules don’t apply because its a fake business meeting. So hug away is the WWDB Amway motto!

I mean for fuck’s sake I don’t even go around hugging friends I’ve known for years when we get together at a social gathering. Maybe. Depends on the circumstance like if its a funeral.

Amway love bombing. A common cult tactic. Creepy. Meet people for the first time and they all want to hug me? Like back off Amway assholes! I don’t want other people in my space I don’t know and especially people I already know and don’t like. And here its important to note that the fucking asshole that sponsored us in Amway never once tried to hug me. Bastard knew better than to fuck with me!

Walk into an Amway meeting held in someone’s house and everyone pounces on you and wants to hug you. Even if you’ve never talked to them before or only seen them occasionally. They are overly excited to see you and they want to touch you affectionately. All fakey affectionately. What’s really creepy is walking into a larger Amway greeting say an auditorium where a Diamond is going to show up to brainwash the masses. Everyone out in the lobby is hugging everyone else. Walk into the arena and the hugging is still going on like crazy. And the screaming and squealing as if they haven’t seen this person in years instead of last night at a Scamway meeting. And then the fake compliments and the fake attentiveness and the want to introduce you to everyone else they know so they can all hug you too. CREEPY!!!!

Love bombing. Instant companionship.

That’s what Amway is all about. Instant friends. And you’ll need new friends because once you’re inside the Amway cult you’re not supposed to associate with anyone who is not in Amway or not interested in joining up as an IBO or buying shitty overpriced Amway products.

Love bombing = entrance into the cult. We are all so loving and welcoming!

WE WANT YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What about the fake I love what you’re wearing? Oh this old rag? Tell me about the book you’re reading. This woman’s banging three different guys and she can tire them all out. Where’d you get those beautiful shoes? Payless. I love what you’ve done with your hair. Well that’s what happens when you wash your hair before you go to bed and sleep on it wet.

And all the smiling and happy happy. A bunch of Chucky dolls!

Beware of someone you’ve just met who wants to hug the shit out of you and ply you with compliments and is overly attentive to you and has a fake smile pasted on their face the whole time.

Its an Amway ambot love bomber on the loose!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Amway Platinum’s Mouth Moves!

So who watches Judge Judy? Whenever she has teenagers on the show she asks their parents how they know their teenager is lying. The answer: “Every time their mouths are moving.”

That same answer applies to our sack of shit Platinum. How do you know when an Amway Platinum is lying? Answer: his mouth is moving!

Has everyone seen the Amway expose done by NBC Dateline in 2004. For anyone who hasn’t seen the video, its posted on Youtube in 2 parts:

I showed that expose to my Ambot when I was pretty sure he’d gotten tired of dealing with Amway. Or perhaps to be more accurate he’d had enough of being abused by the sack of shit Platinum.

I never heard anyone at Emerald or Diamond level mentioning the Dateline piece about Quixtar/Amway but our Platinum brought it up often at the meetings he led. These Amway fuckers have an answer to everything and he would say “how come Dateline did this piece years ago and then they must have learned the truth because now they run Amway’s commercials on NBC”.

To be honest I haven’t the slightest idea which network was running Amway’s commercials. In this day and age of 200 TV channels who remembers which commercial is playing on which network. Could have been several networks running that commercial. Whoever wants to make a few bucks selling advertising is more likely the answer rather than the sack of shit Platinum’s claim that NBC had a change of heart in their attitude about Amway and were therefore making it up to them by airing their commercials at no charge.

Its the same thing with a stadium owned by the city of Orlando, Florida. Our sack of shit Platinum opened his mouth and out came the lies that Amway owns this stadium. The truth is whichever company coughs up the most bucks to the city can put their name on the stadium. Selling the marketing rights to Amway caused a lot of controversy with people who’ve been hurt by the company but a city employee shrugs it off saying if people are stupid enough to get involved with an MLM she’s sorry for them but its not her problem. A buck is a buck when it comes to the city of Orlando.

If any lying IBO tells you that Amway owns this stadium, tell them to read this article and quit lying.

Actually it’s a really good read and features some Amway victims.

Love where the City of Orlando employee says about the name on the arena. Hey money is money and if people are stupid enough to get involved in MLM then that’s too bad for them. The City of Orlando is no different than other cities who own stadiums and use a bidding process to see who’s company name is featured for a set amount of years. Amway’s name was on the old arena and partly due to one of the owners owning the Orlando Magic managed to finagle a 10 year name on the arena for $40 million. That expires in 2019 so hopefully another company will win the next bid. That information can be found at this site because you know some Amway losers are going to show up and squawk about how we know this to be true:
And if you’re curious about some of the other company’s whose name was on the City of Orlando’s arena, you can see them here:

Another lie our Platinum told bothered me even though I’m not Catholic - neither is he by the way. No kidding on that one! He tells the cult followers not to read stuff on the Internet about Amway because its all lies. He said if you search I hate Amway you’ll get X million hits. I think he said 80 million but I don’t really recall. In the tens of millions, lets leave it at that.

OK, now this next part that he used for comparison I am not going to use the person’s name because it would really bother me that any hate hits pointed to my blog. I will describe her in terms that most of my readers will know who she is. If anyone comments on this post and puts her full name in comments I won’t publish it. Sorry. Even though some controversy surrounded her and her opinions on certain subjects I’m not putting any hate to her on my blog. I’ll call her by her initials of the name she was known as, MT, a now deceased nun who spent most of her life working with the poor and dying people in Calcutta and won a nobel peace prize many years ago. Our sack of shit Platinum says if you type I hate her into Google you’ll get twice as many hits as people who hate Amway.

I decided to put it to theory and typed in “I hate Amway” and got 6,360 hits. And yes I used quotation marks otherwise you probably will get millions of hits with people using those words but not in that context just those words that appear in the article but not necessarily strung together. And then I did the same thing using MT’s name and I got 3,220 hits.

This is the reason why I am not using the name this nun was known by. Some of the Google hits are people who loved her or otherwise supported her and quoting someone else who said they hated her and now all of a sudden they are included in that tally.

So putting it in context, our Platinum opened his mouth which means if his mouth is moving he is lying, and he was off by millions in his calculations. And is wrong in saying she got double the hits of Amway. By my calculations the people who hate Amway double the number of people who hate MT. Even without the quotation marks, Amway's numbers are higher than hers.

So to sum it up, if the Platinum’s mouth is moving, he’s lying. And he’s lying because he’s driven by greed. He has an answer to everything and he lies out of desperation to keep the cult followers from learning the truth. If he doesn't constantly lie to IBO's then they will leave Amway and stop funding his dreams.

Evenutally IBO's leave, so the Platinum's lies are all about keeping them in for just a little bit longer and get more money out of them. People get fed up with the abuse and lies and quit. Its not that they didn’t try hard enough - another lie the Platinum will spout off - they got fed up with the abuse from the lying bastard.

Remember that mantra:

Mouth moves, Platinum is lying.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Snobby Snotty Asshole Amway Loser Of The Week

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an Amway asshole of the week. Like its been a long time. The main reason we stopped was the banana writing those posts moved on but the Amway assholes keep showing up here leaving their bullshit canned Amspeak propaganda, same old, same old, there’s only so many ways to insult the fuckers. So I got this one. And got another one coming up but we’ll start with this fucking Amway asshole. And how do you know when someone in Amway is lying? When their mouth is moving. Or in the case of the Internet when they’re typing something. For fuck’s sake someone who is NOT in Amway is NOT doing searches for more information on Amway Spring Leadership. Someone who is NOT in Amway but has a loved one who is in the Amway cult might be doing searches to find out more about the brainwashing conference their loved one is about to get sucked into and sometimes they leave a comment telling us about how Amway has made their life hell. Most random people aren’t doing Amway searches and leaving comments that they ain’t in Scamway and then spout off a bunch of canned Amspeak they heard at the last Amway cult meeting.

Y'all really crack me up. I'm neither in the business but I am not against it either. Honestly, there's no right or wrong way to live. Some people lack self confidence and can't hold onto the business because it does structure an entrepreneurial mind set. I have gone to some of their functions and they are being honest and realistic EVEN if the business doesn't run taht way. It's not the business that shapes greedy people. That's the people. Because you work 8-5 job does not mean you're selfless either. Do you think homeless people are selfless? I honestly think they're the most greediest people in the world. They don't do anything to society yet they expect people to help them by giving to them. And who knows what they do with that money? All business has its purpose. A regular pyramid job also has greedy people, WWDB also has greedy people. We are greedy creatures regardless if you like it or not. So it's not the job that shapes how a person is. It's the person themselves as how their parents raised them.

Let’s start with the obvious. Only people in Amway avoid saying the dreaded A word and refer to their scam as “the business”. For someone who’s not in “the business” you shouldn’t be a dumb fuck and mention WWDB. Like holy shit. We really believe you’re not in the Amway cult you fucking lying Amway asshole. Only fucked up crazy brainwashed Amway assholes know what WWDB is or formerly fucked up brainwashed Amway assholes or their long suffering friends and relatives. The rest of the world doesn’t know what WWDB is and doesn’t give a shit either.

And nowhere else but from Amway cult followers do you ever hear assholes screeching about how your job is a pyramid. Nowhere! Nowhere but in Amway cult meetings so go somewhere else and spout off your canned Amspeak bullshit.

Most Amway ambots have this sanctimonious self righteous attitude like they’re better than everyone who isn’t a follower of the Amway cult. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a fucking Amway asshole put something in their comment about how we crack them up or this is so funny or whatever translated: I’m better than all of you and I laugh down at all of you in that snotty snobby Amway way I’ve been trained to do so with my Amway Ambot chuckle HUA HUA HUA.

But do you know what really pisses me off about this self righteous snotty snobby fucking Amway asshole? His shitty, ignorant, cruel attitude to the homeless. I mean what a miserable cocksucking jerk this fucking Amway asshole is. Homeless people are greedy? In what way? That they’re looking for a safe place to sleep tonight? That they’re looking for a meal? That they’re looking for a place to clean up? The type of things that most of us take for granted and this Amway shithead thinks that homeless people wanting these things or getting themselves out of their current situation makes them greedy. I live in a part of the world where there are lots of homeless people, shelters, soup kitchens, and lots of advocates to assist these unfortunate souls. Fucking Amway Ambots might sneer at the homeless but fortunately there are kind hearted people in the world who treat the homeless respectfully and want to see them get into a better situation. There’s all kinds of reasons people become homeless. Maybe they were even a former Amway IBO and some fucking asshole in their upline counselled with them to skip paying their mortgage and use that money to attend an Amway function and they got foreclosed and evicted and due to Amway ruining their credit rating and losing their real job they have no money and no home. Some homeless people had medical issues that wiped them out financially and left them living on the street. There are people with mental illnesses and addictions who are homeless. There are people who got off the bus expecting to make it big in the entertainment business and find themselves with no money and nowhere to stay. At least this is a part of the world the year round temperature make it not so difficult on the homeless. Beats being homeless in the winter in a northeastern Atlantic state! Homeless people from other parts of the country drift this way. Then there’s our friends from south of the border who aren’t supposed to be here but found a way to sneak in and find themselves without money and a place to sleep. There’s a lot of sad hard luck stories. I’m a good hearted person and donate money to an organization that provides meals to the homeless and will give a couple of bucks to a homeless person on the street or buy them a sandwich. That’s called being a kindhearted caring person, something that greedy Amway cult followers know nothing about with their shitty attitudes about how the homeless are greedy. It’s devastating the way some people’s lives have turned out many times through a series of bad luck. Its traumatic seeing these people on the sidewalks. These people have little hope in their lives and Amway cult leaders running Amway brainwashing meetings and bitch bitch bitch are preaching that the homeless are greedy, and then fucking Amway Ambots are repeating that message. Like we need further proof that people in Amway are sick sorry uncaring motherfucking bastards picking on the disadvantaged.

Here’s a story of a generous family who fed the homeless instead of grieving over an unfortunate situation. You’d never find a greedy fucking Amway asshole doing something nice like this for the less fortunate.

It just pisses me off that this fucking Amway asshole shows up here to bitch that homeless people are greedy and that motherfucker sure chose the wrong spot on the Internet for that rant. That’s what they teach at Amway meetings? To be insensitive and condescending and uncompassionate to those less fortunate? FUCK YOU Amway!

That snotty snobby Amway asshole who left that comment and lied that he’s not in “the business” and pulls WWDB out of his ass is quoting what some fucking Amway cult leader preached to them at the last Amway brainwashing session.

So FUCK YOU to snobby snotty Amway asshole of the week and your fucking shitty attitude to the homeless. I’m surprised you’re not hanging out at skid row trying to sign up the disadvantaged to your Amway cult because that’s what you Amway bastards do – prey on the disadvantaged and scam them out of money they can’t afford to lose. FUCK YOU AMWAY!

And you know who the REAL greedy people are? It ain’t the homeless. It’s Ambots with their over the top  devotion to Amway – the cult of greed. Devout worshippers of the Great Amway God.

Fuck all of you fucking Amway losers and your shitty snotty snobby Amway Ambot attitudes.