Thursday, February 22, 2018

Part Time Online Shoppers – Must Be Amway Scamway

Someone sent me a link for what is clearly a fake job ad on Craigslist probably listed by some scheming Amway asshole. Ad title is Online Shoppers Wanted Anywhere Work Part Time. The ad says it’s a worldwide health and wellness company that will show you how to turn your shopping dollars into earning monthly residual income. Yup ads like that don’t stay up long because they get flagged for being a scam and its not a real job offer. Amway ambots don’t have morals or a conscience when they lie and scam others, those are just part of the qualifications of being an Amway Ambot. Most people looking for a job can spot a scam ad like that a mile off.

Its possible the ad was placed by a different MLM fucker but it just screams Amway all over it. You know how Amway ambots go around bragging that they get paid to shop online. And then they usually add from their own store. So that grabs the title about being an online shopper. And its part time. Amway ambots go around bullshitting prospects into believing Amway is only a part time job 10 to 15 hours a week in your spare time. Double to quadruple that for a more accurate estimate of the time you’ll waste inside the Amway cult.

Worldwide also appears in the ad. Can anyone say WWDB aka World Wide Destructive Bastards.

Health and wellness company? How many times have I heard that bullshit at an Amway cult meeting claiming to be a health and wellness company. You know flogging overpriced shitty vitamins, energy drinks, perfect water and blah blah blah.

People who are looking for a job and checking out the listings on Craigslist don’t need to be weeding through fake job ads posted by Amway scammers. It’s a waste of time for someone trying to find work to click on an ad and see its posted by an Amway scammer. Its hard enough finding work without dealing with MLM scammers.

And do these fucked up Amway assholes violating Craigslist rules of posting (no MLM) really think they’re going to sign up some suckers they’ve reeled in with a fake job ad. Fortunately most people who read the ad will mark it as a scam and Craigslist will eventually delete it.

Now’s a good time to send a big old FUCK YOU out there to scamming lying Amway assholes who post fake job ads and another big old FUCK YOU to Amway for allowing it to happen. Get control of your fucking commissioned salespeople you fucking flogger of overpriced shitty products!!!!


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Who Wants To Listen To A Screeching Fucking Amway Ambot

I’m sure there are many wives, family and friends of ambots out there who hated listening to the dreaded Amway tapes or CD’s that were purchased weekly. Invest in your Amway business demand the fucking Amway cult leaders when what they really mean is invest in our tool scam and make us Amway cult leaders richer.

These tapes and CD’s the Amway upline said were crucial to building your business! “If you’re serious about building your business you must buy the tapes!” That was the broken record recording from the Amway cult leader.

Not a single one of those CD’s offered any solid business advice. Mostly they’re what could loosely be termed motivational or more correctly “see how I overcame life’s obstacles to become successful at Amway”. These bastards all have the same story told slightly differently. The wife works at McDonald’s. The husband works on a pig farm shovelling shit. Their meager incomes barely cover their monthly living expenses. Then a very dear friend showed them the Amway plan. They had to scrape money together to make it to the Amway functions. And how come every one of them had to borrow $20 from a relative to put gas in the car’s tank to drive to a function? And now look at them. They worked hard abusing their downline and now they have a mansion and fancy cars and walk the beaches of the world.

Its bad enough listening to this shit. But get this. Ambot cranked the stereo. Now it became like one of those fire and brimstone sermons southern revival meeting held underneath a big tent that I’ve seen in the movies where the preacher is screaming at the congregation at the top of his lungs so that they can find salvation.

Play any one of those Amway tapes or CD’s with the stereo cranked and you get the same results: ARE YOU CORE? WHY NOT????? ARE YOU TAKING DOUBLE X EVERY DAY? DO YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DON’T TAKE NUTRILITE VITAMINS? YOUR BODY WILL SHUT DOWN AND DIE!!!!!

Oh my God. I hated those tapes! All those fucking Amway assholes screeching at the top of their lungs. What was even worse was sometimes we’d be driving friends or family somewhere and Ambot would blast the stereo. Very rude! How are we supposed to have a conversation with our guests with some Amway asshole on a CD screaming: DON’T DRESS LIKE A SLUT FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!

Its bad enough listening to that shit at normal volume but cranked as high as the car stereo will go? Ohhhh. Shudders. The horror of it.

Then there are the stacks of CD’s that were never opened and listened to. We were always told that our sponsor and/or upline would take them back and refund our money. Nope, that was another lie. When Ambot got out he asked his sponsor Captain Fuck Up to take the unopened CD’s back and refund his money. Captain Fuck Up refused stating he was broke and had no money to refund him. Well of course he’s broke – he’s in Amway! Ambot went further upline and finally got someone who offered ten cents apiece. Well yeah even at ten cents that’s too much money for that shit but Ambot bought them for $2 to $5 apiece mostly on the higher end $5 there weren’t too many that were cheaper than that but there were some and that money was paid to Captain Fuck Up who didn’t always give him the CD’s he’d purchased because he’s a disorganized asshole and couldn’t find them.

To this day every now and then I come across an Amway CD that got stuck inbetween books or real CD’s of singers we like or crammed at the back of a cupboard and when I pull something out this piece of shit Amway CD falls out and promptly gets a one way trip to the trash can.

Yep we’re just a couple more suckers who got ripped off in more ways than one being in the Amway business.

Yup its time to send out another big old FUCK YOU to Amway!


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Who Cares? Not Fucking Amway Assholes!

There’s a Diamond couple whose names I don’t remember and the only time I saw them was at a rally - one of those all day events that ends in the evening with new pins crossing the stage.

A couple of things stood out about this couple more than any other Diamonds I heard. These were the only speakers who didn’t bring religion into the Amway meeting. I’ve been to business meetings over the years and religion was never brought up. It was always uncomfortable at Amway meetings when the speakers brought up religion but since I’ve left Amway and understand its a cult and skewed religious puking are part of cult teaching it makes sense. But at least good on these Diamonds for doing the right thing and keeping religion out of a business meeting.

I wasn’t impressed with the wife. She’d brag about all the things they had and how they’d take off and go skiing at Aspen at the drop of a hat or take their kids out of school just to have fun with them and fly to Disneyland for the day. Greedy, greedy, greedy. The main thing I remember about listening to her talk is she punctuated a lot of sentences with “Who cares?”

So the kids are missing a day of school. Who cares?

So I’m here to scam you out of your money. Who cares?

I think they both had Hummers as part of their fleet. Who cares?

Or maybe only one Hummer and another big gas guzzling SUV too. Who cares?

She was talking about the price of gas going up. Who cares?

She can afford it. Who cares?

Here’s the thing about the price of gas. I’ve done a lot of travelling and the price of gas in the USA is cheaper than everywhere I’ve been in Europe. The last time I was in England the price of gas there was about double what we pay. So what are we doing bitching about the price of gas anyway when for the past 30 years its been higher in other countries?

Or as the Diamond wife would say - who cares?

What was disturbing had less to do with the price of gas and more with her shitty attitude to the environment. I make an effort to be environmentally friendly. I don’t have an electric car or hybrid yet but that’s something I’ll probably consider the next time I’m in the market. In the meantime I drive a car that gets 40mpg. I don’t drive it all that much either. If I can walk or ride my bike I’ll take those options. I try not to use my car any more than I need to and it has less to do with the price of gas than being environmentally friendly.

Look at the last royal wedding in England. Prince William and the wedding party were being environmentally friendly using horse drawn carriages.

Last week I went to buy some books at Barnes & Noble about 45 minutes away. I noticed the price of gas was $4.15 or so, but about a mile from B & N I saw a station selling gas at $3.89/gallon. I almost thought about pulling in to fill up except I was meeting a friend at B & N and didn’t want to be late so I kept going. I headed home and filled up near the house. $4.05/gallon except I paid cash and got .05 cents off = $4/gallon. So yeah I notice the prices especially when they’re different 10 miles apart.

Lets quote the Diamond. Who cares?

What a fucking lousy attitude she has. There are people out there who do care about the price of gas and worry that they might have to choose between filling up the tank or buying groceries. But she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself, typical of most Amway IBO’s greedy bastards that they are.

When you’re creating cash flow by scamming people I can see why you’d have a who cares attitude.

That doesn’t mean that you go around flaunting a 100K gas guzzler and don’t economize. Just because a person has no trouble paying for natural commodities doesn’t mean they should be abused. Ever hear of conservation? Ever hear of being environmentally friendly? Ever hear about leaving your ecological footprint?

Do your part to save our planet!

I’m sure she’d just look at me and sneer.

Who cares?

I wonder how many IBO’s out there have the same shitty attitude they duplicate from their upline about the gas price is going up and then go around bragging about how they don’t care. After all they’re Amway IBO’s = they have no problem affording anything. That’s the lie they have to project to everyone else.

Who cares?

Its the same thing with electricity. I am always turning out lights if they don’t need to be on. I’m always shutting off TV sets when I walk into a room and see no one is watching it. Though sometimes I’ll get a yell of outrage from a room down the hall where someone claims they’re watching it. I try not to turn on the air conditioning unless its unbearably hot in the house. Its not that I can’t afford the electrical - its just conserving energy and powering down and off unless I need something to be on.

From what I observed in meetings and what was taught to us by the cult leaders Amway IBO’s are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to everyone else because they own their own Amway business. Just by virtue of owning an Amway business means the money is plentiful and they no longer have to worry about money or paying the bills. Ha! What a laugh! Using the same philosophy IBO’s probably say they can afford electricity (whether or not they can or can not) so they're damn well going to use it to the max. If the rest of you want to conserve electricity - who cares!

In the Amway scheme of not caring about anything except the almighty dollar I can see why they are taught not to care about leaving an environmental impact. Just because you can afford something is no excuse for not conserving. Just because you give the impression to everyone else that you can afford everything is also no excuse for not conserving. What about about future generations? Just because Amway IBO’s are taught not to care about conservation and environmental impact means the rest of us have to work a little harder at keeping our earth clean and green. Fortunately the majority of the world don’t have the brainwashed attitude of IBO’s.

I can hear the collective IBO’s now on my position of being environmentally friendly.

Who cares?